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We are an established information and business intelligence agency specialising in rendering tracing, verification and information to the legal, credit and other industries.

All our staff have an extensive understanding of the debt collection process. They have access to a diversified and comprehensive database and are therefore better equipped to provide an accurate and efficient service at quick turnaround times.

  • Tracing of debtors
  • Tracing of heirs
  • Tracing of beneficiaries
  • Third party investigations
  • E-natis searches
  • Immovable property searches
  • Contactability traces
  • CIPC Searches
  • Deed Searches
  • Company and Entity Tracing
  • Liquidator/Curator Tracing
  • Executor Tracing in Deceased Estates
  • Asset Tracing on Insolvent Estates
  • Assisting in locating witnesses on litigious matters



phoneicon    032 940 4441

cellicon    079 878 3305

faxicon    086 244 2422

emailicon    info@e-trace.co.za

locationicon8 The Crest,
Dawood close,